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KAR_K® 2.1*

Sound System +




Daron Bandiera, Mox Santos


KAR_K® 2.1*

30 September 2023

Hudson Tavern

KAR_K® 2.1 recently took on Dubai's fashion scene, bringing together an eclectic mix of creative visionaries and artists. The event showcased the fusion of fashion, music, and art in a vibrant and dynamic evening.

The event began with a spotlight on two exceptional fashion photographers, Daron Bandiera and Mox Santos. Daron Bandiera, known for his experimental photography style that traverses the globe, has established his creative hub in the vibrant cities of Dubai and Berlin. Mox Santos, on the other hand, has not only made waves with his photography for major Middle East publications but has also ventured into entrepreneurship with his own Production and Modeling Agency.

As the night unfolded, the stage was graced by the artistic talents of Nurzy from GXR Records, a Dubai-based Lebanese artist, and STARR FACC, one of Dubai's original underground OGs.

The climax of the evening was a journey into the world of Amapiano, courtesy of the Sound System + collective from the beloved House of Yanos platform. The featured DJs for the night, including DJ Shaz, Capitano GB, and Stickystringsaretricky.

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