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KAR_K® 2.6*

SamaaJamz and Blaik, Boss J Beats


Tayeb Santo, Maxi Zee


Andrey Kovalev, Ibrahim Abudyak


KAR_K® 2.6*

16th December 2023

Hudson Tavern

You’ve just landed on another chapter of The KAR_K, where the night was ignited with conversations featuring the super colorful designer behind JokesAside, Ibrahim Abudyak, and the film director Andrew Kovalev from Qval Films. Their insights into Dubai's creative landscape set the stage for an epic evening.

Two of the hottest upcoming rappers from the region, Tayeb Santo and Maxi Zee took the stage, transforming Hudson Tavern into an inferno of beats and contagious enthusiasm.

But the party didn't stop there – SamaaJamz, Blaik, and Boss J Beats seized control, guiding us through a sonic journey that kept the vibe on fire.
Samaajamz and Blaik, the dynamic duo, showcased their passion, leading to the grand finale – a beautiful couple behind the DJ console, leaving an indelible mark of rhythmic bliss.

The KAR_K transcended being just an event; it was an immersive celebration where talent, industry expertise, and pure entertainment collided.
From the illuminating panel talk to the performances, the night was also offering traditional Iraqi sweets by Kleicha, issues of the cultural Gunk magazine, Jokes Aside tees, knitted bags by Elain Knit, loungewear by Shapes and you could even do your nails with Hera.

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