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KAR_K® 2.7*

Boss J Beats and Dj Ivan Scott


Shreeja Chakra, Ben Casar


Maha Ahmed and Marwa Darazi


KAR_K® 2.7*

13th January 2024

Hudson Tavern

The Karak event was an absolute vibe, transforming the underground creative scene into an unforgettable experience! Imagine Maha Ahmed, the creative mastermind behind Autonomie, and the dynamic entrepreneur Marwa Darazi sharing their insights and brilliance on a captivating conversation with the Karak community. The sultry sounds of R&B, curated by DJ Boss J, set a smooth and enticing atmosphere that had everyone grooving.

Then, the spotlight shifted to Ben Caesar, who took the stage with unmatched energy. Autonomie, What Remains, and the Luxury Thread game were on point, with each brand showcasing and selling their unique pieces, leaving attendees in awe of the stylish offerings.

What made this event truly exciting for the guests was the spiritual corner with a tarot reader giving them an insight into the new year. Nail artist Hera Amiri contributed her artistic touch, visually translating the creatives visions onto their nails. And let's not forget the sweet delights from CakeAway, completing the sensory journey.

Put the next Karak event on your social calendar and follow the IG account for more regional talent.

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