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KAR_K® 2.9*

DJ Shaggz


Triple M, Sonoshee Cloud


Mo Jaber, Sandra Goncalves


KAR_K® 2.9*

10th Feb 2024

Hudson Tavern


Let me tell you why the last Karak event was so awesome...!
The panel talk began with Mo Jaber, who shared his knowledge as a fashion design teacher at Dubai Fashion Institute, and his interlocutor Sandra Goncalves, a model and presenter born and raised here. They discussed the paths they have taken in their careers. The night continued with amazing performances by the artists Triple M and Sonoshee Cloud, providing an unforgettable journey to the clouds. Afer them, the music was in the hands of DJ Shaggz who brought us happiness until the end. Of course, the baqala once again surprised us by having everything we needed, including the Kloshar bag, a unique and unusual brand for bags. Hera Amiri,offering crazy nail designs. Black Owl helped you easily choose the perfect accessories, and Blaze showcased super cool and young clothing brand.

If you're still not sure this is your place, just come and check it out. The least you can receive is good energy and connection with cool creative people.

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